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Il Perugino

Art in Città della Pieve

Pietro Vannucci (1446-1524), known as «Il Perugino», is perhaps the most famous son of Città della Pieve.

Pietro Vannucci, Il Perugino, was born in Citta della Pieve, which at that time was part of the municipality of Perugia. Vasari wrote in 1550 that after his first contact with the artistic reality in Perugia, Pietro Vannucci approached Piero della Francesca, who became one of his masters. In 1472 Perugino joined the Society of St. Luke in Florence. At the same time he began to attend the prestigious workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio.

Having been a long time in Florence, the Florentine environment influenced so deeply his artistic expression, that his contemporaries did not hesitate to consider him as a Tuscan master: «Pietro Perugino, may be called to a Florentine, since he has grown here» (F. Albertini, 1510). Giovanni Santi, father of Raphael (ca. 1485), underlined the likeness of his temperament with that of Leonardo da Vinci, whom he undoubtedly met at Verrocchio's workshop.

Works by Pietro Vannucci, called Il Perugino.
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Pietro Perugino.