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Virtual tour inside Palazzolo

Second floor

The Second floor has an entrance hall that functions also as a small living room. It has a small desk and a couch. In the case one needs, in this space, it is possible to add one extra bed. On this floor there are two bedrooms: one with a double bed, and the other with two single beds. Both bedrooms in this floor are equipped with a large walk-in closet, and they share a large bathroom.

Information of second floor

This floor is just under the roof and the ceilings of most of the rooms are sloped to follow the progress of the roof. Although, during the renovation of the house, the roof has been insulated, it is possible that during the hottest periods this floor is hotter than the others. For this reason, we provide some fans. Nevertheless, in this floor, as in the others, the best way to keep the house cool is to keep windows and shutters closed during the day, especially on the side where the sun beats down, and to open them at night, taking advantage of the fact that they are all equipped with mosquito nets and at the night there is often a cool breeze.

second floor

Floor plan: Second floor
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Hall on second floor

Hall on second floor