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of family, farm and the town

The history of our farm, that today has a productive area of about 200 hectares, is to great extent joint with the histories of the families Paracciani, Mazzuoli, Giorgi, Martegiani and for the last Andreoli that have owned the farm and whose financial operations and marriages have influenced both incorporations and divisions of the farm, which on its largest had over 1500 hectares of land.

Although some of archived documents have disappeared or they still need to be organized, the existing archives, however, describe clearly the life on the farm in the old times. In this respect a special importance needs to be given to the accountancy of the farm, that goes back to 1776.

The history of the farm and its owners has been an integral part of the history of town of Città della Pieve and its surroundings, from which one can see the old agricultural traditions, like the feast of wine that at the beginning of 1900s was held in October.

Besides, during the expansion of arable lands in the late 1800s from the farm lands, both signs and material describing Etruscan history was found. The most significant findings are those of the Urns of the family of Purni, and some of them can now be seen in various museums around the world.

Some photographs from family and farm archives have been restored and used as material while furnishing our agritourism Palazzolo in order to give to the house a bit more vivid touch of the history of both the farm and locality, as they show how the life on the country-side looked like at the end of 1800s and at the beginning of 1900s.


Ploughing with oxen

flood 1967

Flood of Val di Chiana

bull Fiorello

Bull Fiorello