Città della Pieve

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This page contains information about the things, art and culture you can see, about the places you can visit and where you can enjoy a nice and “right priced” dinner, while you are spending your holidays in Palazzolo.

Things to see

The Cathedral

The main church of Città della Pieve, il duomo, has paintings of Pietro Vannucci called Il Perugino e.g.: Madonna in Gloria e Santi (from early 1500s), although also other churches have interesting artwork.

Oratorio di Santa Maria dei Bianchi

The Oratorio of Santa Maria dei Bianchi contains a fresco (The adoration of the Kings, i.e. The Adorazione dei Magi), from 1508 by Il Perugino.

Palazzo della Corgna

Palazzo della Corgna has paintings of Niccolò Circignani (Antonio) called "Il Pomarancio".

Events of Città della Pieve

In Città della Pieve there are recurring events that take place throughout the year. On this page you'll find a photo gallery and a short description of some of the main events of Città della Pieve.

Botteghine - The fair of San Rocco
Terziere Castello

This local product fair is an event that takes place during the period of Palio of the Terzieri in August and it is organised by Terziere Castello. The fair also shows the old professions that existed in Città della Pieve in medieval times.

Infiorata di San Luigi Gonzaga (1568-1591)
Terziere Casalino

The Infiorata is one of the most important events of Città della Pieve and it is organised by Terziere Casalino that through these figures made with flowers renews an old tradition and makes a solemn tribute to its patron: San Luigi Gonzaga (1568-1591). This event has its origin in distant times, when during the solemn processions of spring one used to decorate the streets with petals of flowers. Currently the main street of Corso P. Vannucci is used for this purpose.

Palio dei Terzieri
Borgo Dentro, Castello and Casalino

Palio dei Terzieri is a competition between the old medieval parts of Citta della Pieve. The Palio takes place during the third week of August, i.e. during the period of Ferragosto (15th of August), when the historical walk and all the most important events of the Palio take place.

Quadri Viventi
Borgo Dentro

In the cellars of Palazzo Orca one shows the most important scenes of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Presepe Monumentale (nativity scene)
Terziere Castello

During the Christmas period the Terziere Castello presents inside the rooms of the tavern a Presepe Monumentale (ca. 800 square meters), which attracts numerous visitors and has a long tradition in history.

The taverns
Borgo Dentro, Castello and Casalino

In summer and especially during the period of Palio all three Terzieri organise and maintain taverns where both tourists and local people enjoy good local food and company. The Barbacane tavern is open also in June during the period of the Infiorata of San Luigi Gonzaga.

Markets of local products

Usually during the Easter holidays in Città della Pieve there is the market of typical local food and artisan products of the Trasimeno — Pievese — Orvietano — Valdichiana — Valdorcia area, although there are these types of events also in other periods of the year, usually combined with festivities.

Main products


Città della Pieve is one of the largest saffron producers in Umbria. Saffron producers of Città della Pieve have formed a consortium of quality. The purpose of this consortium is to look after the quality and the marketing of the saffron produced in Città della Pieve.

Extra virgin olive oil

Local olive oil belongs to the DOP Umbria, Colli Orvietani, and the production of biological olive oil is increasing in the area.


The local wines belong to the DOC of Colli Del Trasimeno. The Consortium for the quality of Colli del Trasimeno wines provides more information regarding both the types of grapes used and the types of wines produced.

Salumi [meat products]

Sausages and hams, and also products from the indigenous pork of breed Cinta Senese.

Where to eat in Città della Pieve

Although Città della Pieve is a relatively small town, there are very different types of places to enjoy good food. You can choose from home cooking (it. casareccio) to quite sophisticated restaurants.

Below there is a list of some, but not all of them, including the day of closure.

Trattoria Serenella
via Fiorenzuola 38-32
Tel. 0578299683
Closed on Wednesday
Taverna del Perugino
via P. Vannucci 37
Tel. 0578298848
Closed on Monday
Bistro del Duca
via Po' di Mezzo 3
Tel. 0578298008
Closed on Tuesday
Pizzeria Dandy's
via Garibaldi 20-22
Tel. 0578299320
Closed on Wednesday
view of Citta della Pieve

Città della Pieve

Città della Pieve

View inside Città della Pieve

Adorazione dei Magi

Perugino — Adorazione dei Magi

Events in Città della Pieve.
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Cathedral — postcard from 1914

Monastery of Clarisse

Monastery of Clarisse

inside Città della Pieve

Inside Città della Pieve — Vicolo delle forbici