Città della Pieve
and its surroundings

A brief description

Città della Pieve… «42°57′ N. 12°00′ E., ie. 27′ West of Rome, at the height of 508 metres above sea-level, is located on a large hill's gentle slope. The town is surrounded by a road that has in front a vast horizon. Beautiful is her sky, pleasant and various her sceneries, thin and pure her air, excellent and abundant her waters, which descend to the plain and even up here from the nearby Mount Cetona.

It is not known how this place was called during the Etruscan and Roman times. However, it is certain that before the year 1000 she was nominated as: Plebis S. Gervasii and after year 1000: Castel della Pieve di S. Gervasio and later on simply as Castel della Pieve. In 1600 she got the name that she even today preserves, ie. Città della Pieve, since Pope Clement VIII gave her the title of city (città), and founded her as a diocese.»

from: Città della Pieve. La patria del Perugino, edited by Società Pro Città della Pieve, year 1928.

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Visiting locations
near Palazzolo

It is possible to make numerous trips to the surroundings of Città della Pieve, where one can admire various works of art and splendid landscapes of Umbria and Tuscany, while being able to taste typical local products that reflect the local tradition.

We have selected a few of them for you by taking them from an old local tourist magazine called: The land of Perugino (A.D. 1928), that describe also some of the important localities worth a visit while you are spending your holiday in Palazzolo.

Visiting locations
further away

Like most locations within Central Italy also from Palazzolo, Città della Pieve, there are numerous possibilities to make short tours to bigger cities at a short distance. We have chosen some of these locations for you as possibile destinations for a visit.

Here are some cities of art and culture definitely worth of a visit:

Cities of art
Orvieto, and
Like beauties of nature inside:
national parks.
Città della Pieve

Città della Pieve

inside Città della Pieve

Inside the town of Città della Pieve

Infiorata di San Luigi: Città Pieve

Città della Pieve: Infiorata di San Luigi

Perugia: Cathedral

Perugia: Cathedral