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Virtual tour inside Palazzolo

First floor

This floor used to be the living quarters of the tenant family and now it serves mostly for “night”. However, the entrance hall of this floor functions also as a living room and it has a small library. This floor has three bedrooms: the master bedroom that has a double bed and its own bathroom, and the two other bedrooms the butterfly and the flower bedroom — one with a double bed and the other with twin beds — share the second bathroom of this floor. The two single beds, if requested, can be put together to obtain another double bed. From the windows of two bedrooms [master and butterfly] you'll have a view to the vineyards and from the flower bedroom you see also the swimming pool area, while from the hall you'll see the yard of Palazzolo.

First floor information

The largest room (butterfly) can very well accommodate one or two extra cots. In the house there are a wooden cot with bars (suitable for a young child) and one or two folding camping beds (suitables for babies). We provide sheets, towels, beach towels and, during the winter time, also duvets and blankets. Each room has its own thermostat, so that everybody can adjust the temperature as it suits her/him better. We leave in the bathrooms an initial endowment of liquid soap and toilet paper for the first needs. In both bathrooms of the first floor there is a hair dryer. Palazzolo has its own small library with about 180 books in English. In this room there is a door toward the outside staircase, so that it is possible to enter the house without passing through the groundfloor.

floor plan

Floor plan: First floor
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